1. bjkdfkbjfd:

    Lady Gaga for Photoshop SS 2014

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  2. "ur current balance is zero dollars & zero cent. press 2 to check savings"
    *presses 2*
    "ur current balance is zero dollars & zero cent."
  3. killbenedictcumberbatch:

    benedict cumberbatch harasses a black youth

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  4. basedandbiased:

    black boys in crop tops is the best thing youths have ever accomplished on this cesspool of a web site

  5. drake was the first boy i had ever seen with an erection 

  6. kenobi-wan-obi:

    sacrificed my old ass spiderman shirt for #croptopmovement2k14

    thirst trap 

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  9. unimpressed2chainz:

    i can’t believe i was intimidated by guys at one point in time 

  10. US Vogue (April 2014) by Annie Leibovitz

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